The Port Defender Network
Privacy Anonymity Security

The Port Defender small open source application encrypts all of your Internet traffic; http, ssh, ftp ... everything, opens a private channel to our secure servers and funnels it all past local prying eyes.

Port Defender protects your identity, your privacy and your computer. Port Defender is the answer for travelers worldwide!

The Port Defender Network Advantage:
  • Protect your privacy
  • Encrypt All Internet Communications
  • Hide your IP Address
  • Members Only Social Network
  • Members Only Organizer
  • Members Only Group Calendars
  • Encrypted Chat
  • Protected Email
  • Hinder virus infections
  • It's portable - keep it on a USB Flash drive
  • Use it on any Computer
Join the Port Defender Network.

The Future of the Internet is NOW! The Future of the Internet is HERE!